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3 Hot & Sizzling Woman-in-Charge Sex Positions

Woman in Charge Sex Positions

If it was always you who was taking charge in bed, could you please perhaps make the ladies take charge of the sheets this time?  Well, if you say yes, I guess you and your partner could try out these sex positions that are ideal for both male and female pleasure, and for making your lady feel like a queen while you’re getting your kicks!

Splitting the Bamboo

Here’s one classic Tantric sex position that you could perhaps try out tonight, or this weekend, with the hot and sizzling Adult Entertainment Brisbane ladies, as this a sort of a missionary position variant!


In this technique, the lady lies on her back, but instead of lying on top of her, the guy kneels, his knees apart, so his pelvis is low and he can enter her. She can also reach his thighs to touch him and to use that grip as leverage to move. This position is perfect for enhanced eye contact, and the other bonuses include more touching and toe/foot kissing!


Reverse Cowgirl

While not a traditional sex posture, this one’s a great technique to use while facing a mirror, as this will give couples a clear view of what’s going on in the genital area while they’re making love, something that’s not that easy in most sex positions. It’s also a position that makes it so easy for the ladies to stimulate themselves manually!


Kali Asana

The Kali Asana, according to Tantric sex experts, is a familiar female-superior sex position to many, as the man lies on his back and the woman sits astride. There are a lot of ways too for varying the experiences and sensations in this position, from squatting to kneeling, keeping the body erect, leaning forward or slightly backward, and kneeling on one side while keeping your foot flat on the other.


Now, which woman-in-charge sex positions would you be willing to try out tonight, or anytime, with your hookup partners, or with the hot and sizzling ladies from Brisbane Escorts!

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