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4 Activities That You Should Include in Your 2018 Bucket List

Activities That You Should Include in Your 2018 Bucket List

Have you already created your sexual resolution or 2018? Well, if you have already, perhaps you could add a few more resolutions to your bucket list this year! Thus, we’ve added a few more enticing erotic activities that you could choose to add to your erotic bucket list for the year.


Make a Sex Tape

Looking to make your erotic experiences more “showbiz-like”? Well, why don’t you create a sex tape with your girlfriend, or with the lovely and alluring Adult Entertainment Brisbane ladies? Well, if you and your partner have no issues with being exhibitionists, then making a sex tape can be incredible!


Filming yourselves while you are shagging and getting down and dirty can be a lot of fun, and you can even try different angles for the camera, as well as different positions and locations. And of course, the best thing about creating your own sex tape is that there’s always the added bonus of watching it later while doing it again!


Sex with Food

While yes it’s true that mixing sex with food can be a huge mess, it can be real fun and exciting. And, no I’m not talking about sex and pizza, but using special products that are designed for folks who are looking to get sexy with their favourite snacks, like body chocolate, edible panties, and even – cucumbers? Or a jar of Nutella?


Sex Marathon

If you previous erotic trysts were only limited to a few hours at night, perhaps this 2018 you could set aside time to have sex all day, or all night? During a sex marathon, you take to the bed for hours on end and try new positions or techniques, new sex toys, lubes and you name it.  And while it’s true that sex marathons can be quite exhausting, all you need to do is take a break, grab a few snacks, and go back to shagging again!



If you and your partner are truly secure with each other, or have the most liberal of views, you should definitely consider swinging this 2018. By swinging, you get to experiment with another couple, or maybe turn the swinging session into a threesome or foursome! And perhaps you could invite the hot and sexy Brisbane Escorts into the swinging fun too!

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