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I should have known from the phone call.

As an adult entertainment Brisbane Australia escort, my agency lets me talk to clients before I see them. He was meek, almost shy. Not that I’m stereotyping, but he was. My agency only tells us the room numbers and schedule when we agree, but there was never a physical description, because, they themselves don’t see our clients. They couldn’t have known, too.

Adult Entertainment Brisbane AustraliaHe was very handsome, with naturally brown skin, dark brooding eyes, and smooth, almost luminescent complexion. His hair was cropped short, framing high-cheekbones. His face reminded me of a Ken doll come to life. But while a Ken doll was pretty, the man was gorgeous.

The room was generic, in a seedy motel. I could work with that. Hell, I always worked with it, so that’s no problem. With a guy looking like him, I would have no problem getting my rocks off either.

He was passionate. Sensual too, kissed every nook and cranny, every dip and every curve, fucked me raw till I was reduced to a puddle around him. He fucked me through my orgasm, and rode me again for a second time.

He was rough and gentle, tender and hard. It was a good way to earn and get gratification at the same time. It was all about the fucking. No more, no less. He needed it, I wanted it. He was very attractive in my eyes, and he had all the tools to pleasure me – his hands, mouth, and cock, all of his body.

It was one of the best two hours that I spent on the job. There wasn’t any awkward talk, no hesitations on what we needed after. Most guys I see want to cuddle at the end, he just wanted to plop down and rest for a while. After a couple minutes, we were at it again. I was a flesh to him, and he to me.

It was great. I wished it was always like this with clients, decent, desire, unapologetic but not an ass-hole. I really wanted to be a regular for this man. But alas, I also know that I was a one-time thing. This was the kind of man that you want your parents to meet. Or that’s what I got from him. I made a story on my mind that his girlfriend was out of town for quite some time and he needed release. He needed another body beside him.

I was just lucky to be there, to be the one he ended up with. The sex was great, he knew how to work what he got, but as Brisbane Escorts go, it wasn’t the best. Maybe I could see him again… maybe.

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