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Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia – The Unwritten Rules of One-Night Stands

If you’re young, free and single, and always ready to mingle, what’s stopping your from flirting with people, and ending up in bed with them? For many, an exciting, unadulterated night of passion, with no strings attached and no complications to worry about can be a great way of firing up the single life. But before hooking with just about any girl you meet at the bar or party, here are some of the unwritten rules or laws about one-night stands.

Adult Entertainment Brisbane AustraliaAre You Ready For It?
Before deciding whether to give one-night stands a try, you have to first be honest with yourself. If a night of fun, no-strings attached sex is all you want, then go for it. But if you’re looking for a serious relationship, or would like to get over a broken heart, then stop and stick to the usual dating routine! Or you could opt for a nice girlfriend-experience with the ladies at Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia!

Always Be On the Safe Side
Heading to a hotel or motel room with a guy or girl you just met at the end of the night can be a fun, yet risky, activity. But before disappearing with the hottie, make sure you carry extra protection with you (even if it’s just tucked in your pockets), whether it’s a condom, a lube or birth control pill.

Drink Moderately & Avoid the Beer Goggles
One of the biggest hurdles that men encounter when hopping from one bar to another and looking for a hot chick to flirt on, is that they often don’t check how much they’ve drank already. There’s nothing like a pair of liquor-stained rosy eyes for magically transforming dodgy or crappy ladies into sexy, eligible hotties!

If in doubt, swap phone numbers with the lady and arrange to meet up the next night, or next weekend, so you can asses her while sober, before jumping into the sack. This should save you any unnecessary shrieks of terror once you wake up the next day.

Have a Get-Out Excuse Ready
No matter how hot and lovely your date looks tonight, you’ll never know if she’d suddenly get mushy, or cranky, tomorrow, and start to pester you with love quotes, and talks of “forever”.

So before you get into the cab, tell her that you need to wake early to meet a friend or a co-worker. If she wants to hang out again the next evening, you could tell her that you’re busy at work, but in a nice way, without hurting her feelings.

But if you want to have a truly fun, scintillating yet hassle-free erotic experience, why don’t you call the lovely ladies at Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia instead?

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