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Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia – The World’s Most Exciting Destinations For Sex Tourism

While most people go on a holiday to sample exotic food, absorb the local culture or see the sights, there are some who literally seek the pleasures of the flesh, and wish to sample a different side of the country. Sex tourism today is a booming billion-dollar industry, where most of the workers are women, and the clients are male. But if you wish to see the less-seedy, and less-criminal side of the global sex trade, here are a couple of suggested places to visit.

Adult Entertainment Brisbane AustraliaThailand

Whether you’ve seen movies like The Hangover Part II or not, you most likely have an idea of what Thailand has to offer, especially when it comes to anything sex-related. While they do have the world-famous “ladyboys”, their local ladies are as hot and wild as the Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia escorts that you regularly call out.

Well, just like The Hangover, majority of Thais believe that prostitution is a necessary part of their culture. Although it’s sad to note that a considerable number of the country’s red-light district workers are victims of human trafficking. The sleazy bars and clubs in Soi Cowboy, Patpong and other districts however, are well-regulated and the sex workers are there on their own volition.


Who else does not know the famous “Carnival’ and the beaches of Copacabana? Brazil has always been a famed destination because of its scenic beaches, lively festivals and sexy ladies. However, Brazil is also a sought-after destination for its burgeoning sex tourism industry, with the government admitting that it has failed to crack down on the many brothels and bars in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other cities.


Thanks to it’s iconic red-light district with its peep shows, strip clubs and brothels with girls sitting or standing behind red-lit glass windows, Amsterdam is Europe’s de facto sex capital. Here, prostitution is legal and fully-regulated, which means that safe working conditions are assured for all sex workers.

In Amsterdam, a night out with an escort girl ranges from 35 to 100 Euros or more, depending on the time of day, as well as the customer’s age. The city’s red-light corner offers all types of kinks and fetishes to suit even the most discriminating clients.


If you think Colombia is all guns, Maoist rebels and drug lords, think again. This South American country is also home to the sexiest and loveliest commercial sex workers in the continent. So if you want to get a girl who looks as curvy as Sofia Vergara, but at a fraction of the price, then book a ticket to this part of South America.

If you’re stuck at home don’t fret, because the women at Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia are as lovely and as exotic as the ladies you’ll find in these parts of the globe!

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