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Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia – A Swell Look Into The Variations Of Nipple Clamps

Among the list of varied designs of sadomasochism gear, nipple clamps are maybe among the most sought-after tools. A majority of them are developed to grant from mild to limited pressure. These gadgets are regarded by soft as well as true-blue bondage fanatics to be without a doubt, fun gadgets. As the nipples have plenty […]

Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia – The Unwritten Rules of One-Night Stands

If you’re young, free and single, and always ready to mingle, what’s stopping your from flirting with people, and ending up in bed with them? For many, an exciting, unadulterated night of passion, with no strings attached and no complications to worry about can be a great way of firing up the single life. But […]

Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia | A Fistful of Fun Facts on Fisting For First-Timers

Of the different sex acts, one activity that’s often mistaken for being “brutal” and “painful” is fisting. Well, if it’s your first time to hear about it, “fisting” is described as the erotic act of penetrating the vagina, or anus, with the entire hand! It’s also described as a form of large penetration that can […]

Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia – The World’s Most Exciting Destinations For Sex Tourism

While most people go on a holiday to sample exotic food, absorb the local culture or see the sights, there are some who literally seek the pleasures of the flesh, and wish to sample a different side of the country. Sex tourism today is a booming billion-dollar industry, where most of the workers are women, […]

Adult Entertainment Brisbane Australia Stories | The Asian Man

I should have known from the phone call. As an adult entertainment Brisbane Australia escort, my agency lets me talk to clients before I see them. He was meek, almost shy. Not that I’m stereotyping, but he was. My agency only tells us the room numbers and schedule when we agree, but there was never […]