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Pre-Sex Preparations – Knowing What Types of Food to Eat before getting it on

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If you are going out with escort girls in the Brisbane adult entertainment, prepare to make the most out of it with different types of food that you could consume before going for the fourth base. Not only are these healthy, they are also natural aphrodisiacs that would excite your experience with these ladies.

If you are on your way to a candlelight dinner with Brisbane escorts, grab a bottle of red wine before or after dinner. The alcohol is not the only thing that sets the mood for the both of you. The smell of red wine imitates male pheromones, which attract your female partner. You can also pair it with cheese to get your escort girl excited. Cheese increases blood flow, encouraging sexual arousal in women.

For men who like to bring gifts to her girl, give her chocolate-coated almonds and share it before having sex. Chocolate is a general aphrodisiac and almonds have vitamin B6 which increases production of male hormones.

At the bottom of the infographic are some mood-breakers that you ought to avoid, especially if you are having sex an hour after. Though alcohol is advised, too much of it is not right. If you have to drink to loosen your nerves, drink in moderation. You may want to be sweet and sexy to your partner by bringing candies but too much of sweets can cause hormone imbalances which can turn you off the mood.

Around the world, there are many mystic aphrodisiacs that some of us would never dare to try. If you are the type to go “risky” over sex, then you might want to have a couple of sea cucumbers at your local seafood restaurant (they do serve them, especially in Chinese restaurants and consider them as a specialty). We doubt that you would get the rest of the list in Australia.

Whether you are a foodie or a regular joe, looking for some fun in Brisbane’s adult entertainment, you could use these foods to turn on your girl. The best escorts in Brisbane are available now in our gallery.


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